Body Shaping Massager Red Light Weight Loss Machine 3 in 1 Rechargeable Fat Remove Vibration Beauty Device for Stomach Arm Leg Skin Tightening Machine

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Product Description

Manufacturer Description

Do you want to get rid of stubborn fat and loose skin problems? Instead of dieting, exercise, etc, choose AutoTime portable R-F Body Shaping Massager could help you solve these problems!

3-in-1 Multifunction Weight Loss Machine(CAN NOT GET HOT)
-High frequency vibration attain the effect of tightening skin, improving wrinkle and reducing weight
-Red light with 625nm wavelength, improve complexion, and make the skin release collagen promote blood circulation, suitable for various kinds of skins
-The physical CV vibration with 330 KHz, make body parts to vibration and massage, improving the nutrition of skin tissue, also keep the skin rosy and elastic

How to Use Fat Remove Massager?
1) First use this device, please full charging, and it can not working when charging
2) After taking a bath, put lose weight essential oil cream on the required body parts (waist,thighs,arms,etc)
3) Press ON/OFF button,select the appropriate mode to work (3 functions separately or combination)
4) You can choose 3 body parts to massager (N-shaped Move) everyday, every parts need 10 minutes, total is 30 minutes, 2-3times/week
5) After finished body sliming massage, please clean up your body, and apply with body lotion after 30 minutes

1.Need to matching use with weight loss gels or essential oil to reach better result
2.Not suitable for following body parts: face, neck, wrist, joint, knee, ankle, foot, clavicular, elbow, hindbrain, cervical vertebra
3.The R-F intensity has 4 levels from weak to strong, can adjust the intensity according your body feeling

Package Include
1 x Fat Loss Machine
1 x US Power Adapter (Input Power: AC 110V-240V)
1 x User Manual

Service Guarantee
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Product Features

Multifunctional Portable Shaping Massager - Tightening skin, fat removal, anti-aging, make you improve sleep and take relax. Fit for the following parts: front of arm, belly, upper leg, back, waist and hip. It is convenient for you to use at home and travel. CV Function - The physical vibrations up to 330KHz per second can massage skin, smash fat to reach weight loss. Fat remove machine also can promote the blood circulation, improve the nutrition of skin tissue and keep the skin tightening elastic. R-F Function - 500KHz per second high frequency vibration, weight loss massager will generate thermal energy to shrink collagen and attain the effect of tightening skin, improving wrinkles and reducing weight through continuous regeneration and recombination. Red Light Function - Fat burning machine suitable for various kinds of skin, enhance the vitality of cells, promote cells' metabolism and blood circulation, make the skin release collagen, improve the skin dryness to keep your skin more smooth. Notice for Buyer - (1) The fat loss massager can use 3 functions separately or in combination. (2) The R-F intensity has 4 levels from weak to strong so that you can adjustable the intensity according your own feeling. (3) Need use with gels, cream or essential oil to reach better result.

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